Pacific Telecom & Computer Service Company
3972 Barranca Pkwy., J-157 Irvine, CA 92606
Office: 949 857-5096     Fax: 949 857-2196     E-mail:
Bonded and Licensed since 1985     License no: 467646
Full T-1, 1.5 Mbps : $ 300.00 / month
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PT&C is a full service company in telecom business. We specialize in sales, leasing, installation and service for the business phone, voice mail system and computer networking.

We provide IPitomy, a pure IP PBX and Panasonic KX-TDA50G, KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200, KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200, NCP500, NCP1000, KX-TVA50, KX-TVA200 voice mail system plus T-1, PRI, VoIP, SIP Trunking, MPLS, ... 

We also service other major brand phone systems:
   Toshiba, Norstar, ESI, Nitsuko, Panasonic DBS, Lucent, Comdial, Atlas, Extrom,  ATT,
   Inter-Tel, Multitech Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), NEC, ...

   Voice mail systems:
   IPitomy, Norstar StarTalk/Flash, Amanda, Key Voice, Active Voice, Office Messenger, Toshiba,
   Panasonic  KX-TVS50, KX-TVS100, KX-TVS200, KX-TVS125, KX-TVS225, Aleen,  VME4000,

   Computer CAT-5e network installation:
   TRT, Allentel, ICC, Leviton, Avaya, Pan Duit, AMP, ...

   Hote/Motel/Business Call Accounting Systems:
   Phone Suite, Call- A - Matic, Phone Bill, InnForm XL, Metropolis Tech., ...

   "Music"-on-Hold systems OHP6000, OHP8000:
   Now, you can listen to and select the right voice and music for your Message-on-Hold.
   Also, you can import your favorite MP3 music with a promotion message from computer to
   a digital message-on-hold system - save time and money.

Rocky Shu  30 Years of Experiences
Operation Manager, Pacific Telecom & Computer Service

B.S.E.E. National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
Electronic Engineer, Tatung Corp., Taiwan
M.S.E.E. Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX
Field Engineer, ATI (Fujitsu, Japan) Corp.
Senior Tech., CSC, American Communication Corp.

Certified on Panasonic, IPitomy, Norstar, Phone Suite, 
                Toshiba, Polycom, Avaya, Mitel, ...

Norstar ICS & Application Module, Promark Financial Inc.

Panasonic KX-TD1232 & voice mail system, SW Inc.
Sandy at Wellness and her Lucent Legend phone system
Bobby Kim, office manager at Compensation Billing

A medical service Corp., Lake Forest, CA


Panasonic IP PBX KX-TDA200 and KX-TVA200
Ann, office manager, Branan Medical Corp.

A medical testing Corp.

949 598-7166

Panasonic KXTD1232 phone and TVS 120 voice mail system
Laurie, office manager and Andrew, IT manager,

Freight Force Inc.

Anaheim, CA

714 995-9300

A freight service company

Nostar phone and voice mail system
California State Contractor License No. 467646 since 1985
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Texas A & I University, 1979
How does IPItomy IP-PBX save your money?? 
Free assigning your smart phone ( iphone, Android, Blackberry, ... ) to be another extension of phone system besides your regular desk phone.
Free relocating your phone: Unplug your working phone and plug in another jack of the new office. Everything stays the same as before.
Free programming changes: Complete documentation is available for you to download.
Free Music-on-Hold: A lot of  MP3 music for you to download. You can record a promotion message in the Message-on-Hold.
       ( Each phone or each group can have their own Music-on-Hold. No more radio noise or breaking down on a CD player).
Free setup for your remote phone: Unplug an office phone and plug in an Internet jack in your home, it will work again.
       You do not need to setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between remote router and local router.
Free Softphone: Free downloading to your lap top, it will work like an office phone anywhere the Internet access is available.
Free detailed call records:Showing how the calls were answered, transferred, date, time, phone number, extention, route, ...
Free text messaging: If you have Call Manager installed, you can text messages as many as you want.
Free call recording in your mailbox: No more lost conversation, just push a button, all the talking will be recorded for review. 
Free remote programming change: If you like it, you can change program out side of your office by Internet.
Free conference bridging: Up 32 people can join in a conference, seminar, ... Just call in and enter a code.
Free Zone: US local and long distance calls and 30 internation calls including  Canada, India, China, Hong Kong, ... by SIP trunks.
       Unlimted Free Zone calling: $ 26.00 / line/ month, 3 years contract, $ 99.00 one time charge, 1 free DID & CNAM / order.  
       Metered Rate: $ 12.00/month, $ 0.02/min, 3 years contract, $ 99.00 one time charge, 1 free local DID / order and e911.
       Bundled: 500 Free Zone minutes/line/month: $ 20.00 /mon/line, $ 99.00 one time charge one free DID, $ 0.025/min after allowance.
       DID: $ 1.50/mon/DID, $ 12.00 one time charge.   Toll Free: $ 4.00/mon, 0.04/minute, $ 7.00 one time charge.
       CNAM (Caller ID Name for your company): $ 7.50/mon, $ 12.00 0ne time charge. Porting local / DID: $ 12.00 one time charge.
       Boundled free local and 2,000 minutes long distance in US, 2 Mbps for 8 SIP trunks and Internet = $  377.00 or $ 388.00.
            After the initial free 2,000 minutes, $ 35.00/1,000 minutes/month or $ 60.00/2,500 minutes/month can be purchased.
Free T-1 or PRI installation with a contract. SIP trunk need Cisco Router upgraded for $ 30.00.
Free finding: Please tell your mailbox how to find you or your group via group ringing, sequencial ringing? What do you want the caller
       to hear while he / she is waiting. Excellent tool for road warriors, sales group, technical support, ...
Free cabling: IP-PBX phone uses exising computer jack to function with your PC. No need to pull new cables.
Free 30 days technical support: We want to make sure you get what you want.
Free upgrades with maintenance contract.
Outlook integration:  Screen Pop on monitor showing caller database by matching caller ID. To call out, just click phone number in the
       Outlook , it will ring the right party for you.
Auto Call Distribution (ACD) for Call Center: The system can ring a group by all ring, round robbin with or without memory.
       You can define overflow destination by extension, menu, another group, voice mail, ... ACD can collect the data and organize
       various charts to show how calls were handled.  ACD also can show the real time call status, so you know when to add or cut down
       man power. ACD agent can log in or log out by using the same phone.
Barging in with or without alerting tones.
...    More to come!

*     Full T-1 for Internet, 1.5Mbps: $ 300.00/month or Flexible T-1 + up to 8 analog lines: $ 350.00/month, no installation fee with
      3 years contract. Analog lines: Free on local call & $ 0.0382/minutes non-local call in US. 
      Toll Free $ 5.00/month,$ 0.0382/minute in US.
Excellent voice quality is guaranteed. All rates subject to change without notice.  Please call for more details. Thank you!
Panasonic IP PBX
       KX-TVA  series
We Buy & Sell Used Phones
  We Are Solutions Provider

IP 320  HD (High Definition) phone
Dual-port auto-sensing Ethernet port
Multi-position Stand (0 - 160 degree free angle)
Power on Ethernet (P.O.E)
Local power adaptor is not included
12 flexible buttons for speed dialing, DSS, ...
Full duplex
One Park and 3 retrieve keys.
Phone book up to 300 records
SIP standard + proprietary functions
voice quality is 100% guaranteed
Panasonic KX-TDA50 phone, voice mail
and networking system
         Cloud - PBX
No Big Initial Capital Investment  
Free Phones with 2 yrs. contract
$ 25.00/phone/month with volume discount
Unlimited Calls in  US + Canada + others    
30 Days Free Trial
Internet access provided by users 

  Karen  Fitzgerald, CEO, Freight Force Inc. in Anaheim, CA

  No.1 freight service company in southern  California

  Serving all areas in USA

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  Norstar phone and Flash voice mail system