Auction Rules:

1.Please select the items you want to buy while still available.
2.Please email or call us and give us a price you want to pay.     Tel: 949 857-5096
3.We will compare other bids and respond you back.
4.All equipment are previously owned, it comes with 30 days
         warranty starting from the date you receive the equipment.
5.    We only pay the shipping back fee for the warranty item.

Auction Items:

Manufacturer Model    Description
AT&TMLS-12 Non-display phone
AT&TMLS-18D   Display speakerphone
AT&TMerlin 820DControl box
AT&TMerlin 820D-STA Station card
AT&TMerlin 820D-line  Line card
AT&T    Merlin BIS-10  10-button display Spk phone
AT&TCS6501C01B   Spirit 6-line phone
AT&TSpirit KSU  Spirit n control box
Avaya7311H14G-003 18-D Display phone, black
Avaya7311H14A-264 18-D Display phone, white
ESIKSU  Control box
ESIEKT-A   Display phone
Lucent7515H04A-003     34-button, display phone
LucentPartner KSU    Control box
LucentPartner VS R1 Voice mail VS
LucentPartner VS PC Voice mail PC card
LucentPartner 400E   4-line card
Lucent    Partner ACS 308E3 lines and 8 stations card
LucentLegend KSUControl box
Lucent7712D04G-264Legend MLX-10DP phone
Mitel  SX-20KSU
Mitel  SX-100   KSU
Mitel  SX-200   KSU
Mitel  SX-50KSU
Mitel  9109-008-000-NA SX-200D Bay power supply
Mitel  9110-005 SX-200 Tone card
Mitel  9110-017 SX-200Remote control
Mitel  9110-011 SX-100 4-line Trunk card
Mitel  9110-110     SX-100 8-station card
Mitel  9104-020-001   SX-50 16-station card
Mitel  9104-030-101   SX-50 8-trunk card
Mitel  9104-030-100       SX-50 4-trunk card
Mitel  9102-018-000   SX-20 console
Mitel  9110-107-000   SX-100 console
Norstar   ICSKSU with 0 line and 32 stations
Norstar   T-1 T-1 card
Norstar   COMB6-port interface card
Norstar   0x16   16 station module
Norstar   Trunk module
Norstar   CIDtrunk cartrige Caller ID
Norstar   M731010-button phone
Panasonic    DBS 96   DBS96 KSU
Panasonic    VB 43223    DBS96 phone
Panasonic        VB 43221DBS96 phone
Panasonic    A-EC DBS96 Analog station card
Panasonic    D-EC DBS96 Digital station card
Panasonic    L-TRK4-line card
Toshiba  CTX100   KSU control box
Toshiba  BPTU1CTX T-1 card
Toshiba  DKT3010-SD   10-Button display phone
Toshiba  DKT-2010-SD  10-button display phone
Toshiba  DKT-2010-H10-button non-display phone
Toshiba  EKT6520-SD20-button display spk phone
Toshiba  EKT6520-H  20-button non-display phone
Toshiba  MCOU 3-line card
Toshiba  MSMU5
Toshiba  MCCU2  
Toshiba  MDSU2
Toshiba  MSMU2
Toshiba  MOPU3
Toshiba  HCOU
Toshiba HCBU
Toshiba  HSTU2
Toshiba  HINU
Toshiba  MPRU2
Toshiba  PEKU
Toshiba           RCOU, RCOS
Toshiba  PSTU2
Toshiba  Strata DK-280  KSU
Toshiba  Strata-96 KSU
Toshiba           Strata-56 KSU
Toshiba  Strata 40  KSU
Toshiba  Strata 16  KSU
Toshiba  Stra XIIe KSU

Others: Please call and request any other equipment. Thank you.